Lanterna Tuscan Bistro in Nyack

Lanterna with chef Rossano Giannini opens in Nyack.

Nyack, NY (PRWEB) June 9, 2006 - The summer months have come to Nyack, and terrific scents are emanating from Lanterna Tuscan Bistro. There is an Italian saying that proclaims, "The winds of March carry the flowers of spring to the beginning of a beautiful summer."

In Nyack, Chef Rossano Giannini is bringing that saying to life. As spring yields to summer, it carries newscents and flavors. Itís time to shake off the old and reawaken to aromas that stir the soul. In Tuscany, the hillsare dotted with beautiful vineyards, olive and fig trees, all back in full leaf. Chef Giannini welcomes summerhere with new menu additions such as fried artichokes and Mahi-Mahi with sun-dried tomatoes, olives andcapers in a white wine sauce - along with many other popular, flavorful dishes his customers have come to expect.

From his delightful bistro, the hands-on Chef Giannini serves a portion of Italy to all who enter. Each meal is a work of art - and so is the setting. Surrounded by family pictures and landscapes of Lucca, itís easy to imagine that one is dining among family and friends, al fresco, beneath the blue Italian sky. As Zagat noted, "He and his staff have a gift for making people welcome."

Lanterna Tuscan Bistro is also exhibiting a series of photographs by Marv Alpert that highlight the diverse regions of Italy. From the magnificent Mediterranean seascapes of Liguria to the cypress-clad hills of Tuscany, from breathtaking Campania to the natural beauty of Le Marche, these photo-paintings capture the Italian landscape. Each one depicts a moment in time with a personal sensibility that speaks to the viewer. Just as each region revels in its native cuisine, each picture evokes a mood of dining in Italy.

Chef Giannini is also continuing his gustatory cooking classes. The next four-course feast with wine tasting takes place on Tuesday September 19th. These celebrations in culinary diversity are a chance to sample new foods and wines, while making new friends or celebrating with old ones. For more information on the tasting sessions, visit the website at Food and Wine Magazine raved that, "Chef Giannini's food has style, and it got that way by sticking to genuine ingredients but making something very imaginative."

Be sure to visit Chef Giannini at Lanterna Tuscan Bistro for an amazing adventure in taste or to take a lesson from the master.